Exporting can get complicated very quickly, with lots of laws, approvals and compliance rules to follow.  We provide assistance if you plan to export goods from Australia.

Making sure your documentation is right and that you are across ever-changing export rules is time-consuming and complicated – and if you make a mistake, you might face penalties, delays and fines as a result.

We are experts in Australian and foreign export regulations. 
We tailor our services to your needs, working with you to manage the export process door-to-door, including:

  • preparing and submitting all required documentation

  • arranging insurance

  • liaising with logistics providers and your customers

  • ensuring export processes are efficient and transparent

We streamline your end-to-end processes, which means you can spend less time worrying about your paperwork, and more time focusing on your businesses – as well as saving you money in staff costs, delays and overheads along the way!
You can choose to outsource all or just part of the process to us.



Export documentation

Depending on which country you intend to export to and how you are sending your goods, the trade documents required are crucial and will vary.

We are a proud member of NSW Business Chamber, and authorised to issue Certificates of Australian Origin on behalf of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
We are acknowledged by the Australia Customs Service and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Documents I can authorise:
•    Certificates of Free Sale
•    Health Certificates
•    Commercial Invoices
•    Certificates of Analysis
•    Certificates of Manufacture
•    Supplier Declarations of Conformity

Documents I can issue:
•    Certificates of Australian Origin
•    TAFTA Export Registrations
•    TAFTA Certificates of Origin
•    Certified Declarations of Origin
•    ATA Carnets
•    Certificates of Free Sale
•    Certificates of Manufacture

If required, we can assist with other documents such as bills of lading, bills of exchange and insurance certificates. 
If you are planning to export new commodities to any country or to export to a new country, we can advise you on export regulations, including those in the importing country, and any other regulatory requirements.