Even one small mistake classifying your products could lead to costly compliance issues and delays with the Department of Home Affairs or the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

We work with fully licensed, Sydney-based brokers, who take care of all the details to avoid these issues and may be able to save you overpaying on taxes and duties. Our brokers are licensed by Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA) and the Freight and Trade Alliance (FTA).  With extensive experience in managing a wide variety of commodities, including CITIES products, TGA products, quarantine products, customs import permits, NICNAS and general cargo, you'll know you're in good hands.


We will handle customs for air and sea freight, FCL, LCL and bulk, including:

*dumping and or countervailing duty
*TCO / bylaw
*temporary Imports
*trade description advice

*imports customs lodgments
*tariff advice
*valuation advice
*preference / free trade agreement advice